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Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Find this semester’s schedule here:

Class Schedule SP 16

or under Curriculum > Class Schedules.



Fall 2015 Class Schedule

Class schedule for the fall available here! We encourage prospective students to join in on a class when they visit. Please contact Brianne Imada, Academic Coordinator, to inquire further.


Save the Date – In the Works 2015

In the Works 2015
Scripps College Dance Department and Pomona College Dance Program Fall Concert

Thursday, 12/3, 8pm
Friday, 12/4, 8pm
Saturday, 12/5, 2pm & 8pm


ACDA 2015

On March 19-22, 2015 a group of six Pomona Dance students along with faculty Michael Szanyi and Thomas Tsai attended the Baja Region’s American College Dance Association (ACDA) conference at the California State University, Long Beach. Students took a variety of classes in modern, ballet, partnering work and more. Ilana Cohen ’16 performed an original solo entitled Unwilling Prophecy, and Joseph Reynolds ’15 performed faculty John Pennington’s choreography, Hearing Change.

The six students and two faculty gather for a group picture at ACDF.

The six students and two faculty gather for a group picture at California State University, Long Beach.

Students had much positive feedback about the conference:

“Being able to try new classes and styles in such a high energy atmosphere was a fun experience. I enjoyed getting to see what other schools are working on both in the informal and formal performances.  I especially appreciated hearing the opinions of the adjudicators about the conference and pieces we watched. On the last day they had a really interesting open dialogue that raised points about the larger context of dance and the subject matters being expressed in the pieces from the informal and formal showings. Hearing a discussion of dance was a good way of supplementing both the classes and performances”.
–Nia McAllister, Pomona ‘17

I was able to try many things that I had never tried before such as contact improv (yikes! but fun), Dunham technique, and floor barre. I also had the honor of taking amazing ballet and modern dance classes from brilliant teachers who made me approach the techniques that I am familiar with in an entirely new light. I went to the ADF audition and was blown away by the talent around me. Furthermore, I was able to listen to and take part in conversations that critically discussed what it means to dance. This was a real highlight for me. Being immersed in dance was such a treat and I am still thinking about all that I learned. I am excited to bring this energy back to Pomona.”
–Amy Oden, Pomona ‘18


In the Works 2015

Scripps and Pomona Dance present
“In The Works…” A Concert of Student Danceworks

CLAREMONT, CA (November 10, 2014) – “In The Works…” is the annual fall concert by students of the departments of dance at Scripps and Pomona Colleges. The concert will take place Thursday, Friday, Saturday, December 4, 5, and 6 at 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, December 6 at 2:00 p.m. in the Pendleton Dance Center, Pomona College. General admission is $5 and tickets will be sold at the door. (Check or cash only please.) Doors will open a half hour before the performances. For general concert information, contact Scripps College Dance Department at (909) 607-2934, or Pomona College Dance Program at (909) 621-8176.

Reflecting a variety of contemporary dance styles, the program will feature in-progress dance works choreographed and performed by students. Several of the dances will be further developed as senior thesis projects in dance for the Scripps and Pomona spring dance concerts.


Coming Soon: Presence in Performance

Presence in Performance
Strategies for Enhancing Skill in Athletics, the Performing Arts, and Daily Life

Presented by the Pomona College Dance Program
Friday and Saturday, January 23, 24, 2015

Dr. Joan Vickers, Professor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary. Developer of Quiet Eye Training, she has worked with athletes, coaches, law enforcement professionals, and surgeons to hone motor skills for heightened responsiveness in the moment of performance. Her work has been featured in Golf Digest, the New York Times, Scientific American Frontiers, and the Discovery Channel.

Jessica Wolf, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Drama. Internationally recognized Alexander Technique teacher and developer of The Art of Breathing, she has worked with actors on the unforced coordination of respiratory mechanics to improve stamina, vocal range, and freedom of movement.

Erik Bendix, acclaimed teacher of Body Mind Centering® and the Alexander Technique,
works on principles of movement coordination in sports, daily life, and the arts. He returns to Pomona to continue his work in Embodied Awareness of Performance Readiness, first presented in the Spring of 2014.

All events are free, but advanced registration is required:

Friday, January 23:
12:15-1:05: Presentation: Quiet Eye Training ~ Joan Vickers
Rose Hills Theatre, Smith Campus Center
feel free to bring lunch

1:30-3:30: Workshop: The Art of Breathing ~ Jessica Wolf
Pendleton Dance Center, Upper Studio

4:00-6:00: Workshop: Motion in Stillness ~ Erik Bendix
Pendleton Dance Center, Upper Studio

Saturday, January 24:
10:00-12:00: Workshop: Quiet Eye Training ~ Joan Vickers
Rains Center Gymnasium

1:00-3:00: Workshop: Stillness in Motion ~ Erik Bendix
Pendleton Dance Center, Upper Studio

3:30-5:30: Workshop: The Art of Breathing – Jessica Wolf
Pendleton Dance Center, Upper Studio

5:30-6:00: Wrap-up Discussion with the Presenters
Pendleton Dance Center, Upper Studio


Concert 2014

You are the Breath to my Life

Choreography by Kristin Hollowaty

Choreography by Kristin Hollowaty

Temple Crag Crew 

Choreography by Cassandra Owen

Choreography by Cassandra Owen


Choreography by Ruth St. Denis and Doris Humphrey

Choreography by Ruth St. Denis and Doris Humphrey


Choreography by Jacob Barrera

Choreography by Jacob Barrera

Lift, Thrust, Drag

Choreography by John Pennington

Choreography by John Pennington

Dance Peace

Choreography by DJ Gray

Choreography by DJ Gray


Choreography by Michael Szanyi

Choreography by Michael Szanyi


Workshop with 1st Graders

Aaron Parral brought his 1st grade students to Pomona College on Feb. 21 2014 for an educational dance workshop led by students and faculty. Here are some clips!


‘Beginning to Breathe’

‘Beginning to Breathe’
a first of 3 community workshops offered by Erik Bendix* this Friday, February 7th, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


Are you in a breathless rush to the future? Your breath has a past, and had a beginning. You might have forgotten. But every time you speak or sigh or even attempt to sing, every time you pace yourself or sleep or get out of breath, your breath still rests on that tender forgotten beginning. It set a precedent you will follow as long as you are alive. Might it be worth a second look? This workshop looks at the physical changes we go through at birth to launch us into a lifetime of breathing air. We will ponder and inquire, but also plunge into creative expression and movement exploration of what we now experience, using techniques pioneered by Body-Mind CenteringTM.

Erik Bendix is a visiting faculty member this half-semester at Pomona College. He is a certified Teacher of Body-Mind CenteringTM, an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and holds degrees in philosophy from Oxford and Princeton. He teaches world dance traditions worldwide, is a published poet and translator, and like you he also once took a first breath.

*The next 2 workshops will be at the same time the next 2 Fridays:

  • !  February 14th, 4-6: ‘Cooling Your Planet’
  • !  February 21st, 4-6: ‘ Which Way Is Up?’
Location – Pendleton Dance Center Lower Studio

Body-Mind Centering® Certification Courses

The Kinesthetic Learning Center, with guest instructor Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, will be offering certification in Body-Mind Centering® courses starting in the summer of 2013.

– to be held at the Pendleton Dance Center at Pomona College, Claremont, CA. The course dates are as follows:


2014 Courses

January 3-10 Basic Neurocellular Patters*

January 13-16 Senses & Perception 1*

May 20-26 Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses*

May 29-June 3 Ontogenetic Development*

*Please Note, these courses are pre-requisite for 4014 and 2015 IDME 1 and 2 at Pomona College


2014 and 2015 Certification Programs

IDME 1 and 2: Infant Developmental Movement Education, with guest faculty and creator of IDME Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

August 20-31, 2014 IDME 1: Developmental Movement Observation Skills

August 20-31, 2015 IDME 2: Facilitating Movement Development


For more information and to register, please visit

Body-Mind Centering®  is a registered service mark of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.